Bacher Tische

The philosophy of versatility is our answer to current demands on the living environment.
Wood, glass, natural stone and metal are the elements merged to form innovative and highly desirable furniture pieces. Our specialists insure technical sophistication is maintained to perfection and ever more new functions are conceived to satisfy our furniture’s versatility.

Smaller households, flexible working styles and versatile use of space require mobility and adaptability. Therefore dining tables, occasional tables and media racks are seeing a move towards more functionality and more versatility.

We see ourselves as cutting edge innovators in this field. there are beautiful standalone pieces of furniture as a symbol of a dynamic lifestyle. Our designers, engineers and technicians work together to develop objects and entire concepts with diverse attributes which are made to fit in with the needs of flexible people.

Transformation, functionality and technology form the guiding idea behind our tables and whether a chair looks good is a question of design. A real requirement of the chair is how comfortable sitting over a longer period of time proves to be. We focus on absolute technical perfection, maximum comfort, functionality and of course, the design which satisfies the formal aesthetic standards of today.

The development processes therefore is an interdisciplinary project for the designers, engineers, ergonomists and last but not least our craftsmen. Our collection is regularly enriched through a never-ending flow of self-ideas and exchange of knowledge, dedication, knowhow and the fact that all involved are, as a matter of principle, open to new ideas.

The result is extraordinary range of tables and chairs, all of which have one thing in common: An innovative concept which appeals to the human senses, taking diverse needs into consideration.